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The Wyoming Apple Project helps identify and maintain Wyoming apple cultivars.

Ongoing efforts are being made to relocate heritage apple cultivars, including unique genotypes to a well maintained orchard in Sheridan, Wy (ShREC). We hope to make these available to the public in the near future. 


The goals of our project were to preserve and maintain apple diversity in the state of Wyoming. Other efforts 

surround restoring historic orchards, establishing a Wyoming conservation orchard and educating the public on the history of apples in Wyoming. Using a DNA fingerprint technique (microsatellites) we identified 

forty seven previously know cultivars and potentially 146 unique genotypes.

WY Apples

Wyoming apples have a rich history, many have came from locations as far as Russia. Wyoming apples have mainly originated from breeding programs in other states, but a few have been breed in Lander, WY. Cold hardy varieties from Minnesota and Wisconsin have proven reliable for our cold windy winters. Some of these cultivars have gone unmaintained for 70+ years in abandoned homesteads and are still producing fruit!

Get Involved

Help save apples trees in your area by learning to graft and replant trees for future generations to come. If you need help check out our video tutorial on grafting! If you know of any old homesteads, trees that are in need of saving or have a great story to share please contact us. With your help we can provide a local market of fresh crops to Wyoming and sustain the world renown apple diversity here in the United States. 

© 2019, Jonathan T. Magby and Steve L. Miller. Wyoming Apple Project: Miller Lab. Botany Department, University of Wyoming. Laramie, WY. 

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